Benefits of the Electronic Vignettes

There is no need to look for a sales point where vignettes are in stock. You can now buy it simply and easily in the e-shop anytime and anywhere. There is still an option to use the network of sales points, as well as self-service kiosks.
No more outdated stickers and keeping coupons. Just click a few times and you are set to go. The new system scans the license plate and automatically recognises whether you have paid and for how long. This eliminates the impractical sticking the old vignettes, after which you will often be left with glue residue on the glass. You may not even know about the new electronic vignette.
If you like to have things taken care of ahead of time, you will be pleased to be able to buy any electronic vignette up to three months in advance. The adaptable validity then allows you to choose the date from which you want it to take effect when purchasing.
You have probably heard of someone whose windshield cracked and they then had to request the issue of a new vignette. That is now a thing of the past. No exchange will be necessary with the implementation of the electronic vignette.
If you did not need to buy an annual vignette in January and bought it for example in June, you paid for the full year, you did not benefit from the purchase as much. You paid the price of an annual vignette, but used it only for eight month on the toll motorway. But now, the 1-year electronic vignette offers flexible validity so it will be valid for the entire year, starting any day of the year. Furthermore, you can buy it three months in advance.
No need to worry about the expiration of your electronic vignette. If you enter contact details when buying the electronic vignette, the system will notify you about its expiration date.
Do you administer a corporate fleet or own several vehicles? All you have to do is fill in the required data for all vehicles at once. You can then easily and in a well-arranged way adjust the details and pay for all electronic vignettes in a single payment.
At each purchase, the system checks whether there is no valid electronic vignette or whether the vehicle is not exempted, and, if necessary, suggests a suitable effective date so that the new electronic vignette follows the previous one. Of course, you can change the beginning of validity or postpone the purchase until later.
You can also buy an electronic vignette in the e-shop, at the point of sale or in the self-service kiosk for your loved ones as a gift. In all cases, it will be sufficient to enter the license plate and beginning of validity.
Same as in the past, there will be three types of electronic vignettes. You will pay the same amount as before for the vignette, i.e. CZK 1,500 for 1 year, CZK 440 for 30 days and CZK 310 for 10 days. Vehicles powered by environmentally-friendly fuels receive a discount so the 1-year vignette will cost CZK 750, the 30-day vignette will cost CZK 220, and the 10-day vignette will cost CZK 155.
The Police of the Czech Republic and the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic will perform checks on toll road sections using cameras in their patrol cars (static and moving) or on control gates. The cameras will scan the license plates of passing cars, making the entire system significantly more effective. The devices will immediately check the database for the validity of the electronic vignette or the information of the exemption of vehicles.
If you do not set up an automatic notification of the approaching expiration of an electronic vignette, or you just want to check the remaining validity, a simple tool is available on the website. You can verify whether your electronic vignette is currently valid with one click. Just enter the country of registration and the license plate of the vehicle and you will immediately know the beginning and end of the period in which the electronic vignette is valid or whether the vehicle is exempt.
Vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen or in combination with another fuel (CO2 emissions up to 50 g/km) as well as historic cars with a special registration plate are exempted from the fee.

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