Exempt Vehicles

Applying for an Exemption

To submit a notice of exemption, it is necessary to fill in the relevant PDF form, which you can send in the following ways.

  1. 1

    To the designated data box for the Electronic Vignettes agency with the identifier ws5mh9w at the web address https://mojedatovaschranka.cz/.

  2. 2

    By email to epodatelna@edalnice.cz (digitally filled in .PDF form of a scanned filled in .PDF form provided with an electronic signature that is acknowledged by a special legal regulation to be equal in effect to a handwritten signature; or an electronic conversion of a printed out and filled in form, acquired at any official Czech Point).

  3. 3

    In paper form via an operator providing postal services with an officially certified signature to the address: State Fund for Transport Infrastructure, Sokolovska 1955/278, 190 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic.

  4. 4

    If you do not have access to the Internet, you can write a free-form notice containing the particulars required by law and an officially verified signature or power of attorney, and send it to the address of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI) headquarters.

Which Rules apply as of January 2021?

Vehicles registered in the Czech Republic with automatic exemption

  • Vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen, or a hybrid system (provided CO2 emissions do not exceed 50 g/km), if the vehicle is issued a special license plate number (starts with EL).
  • Vehicles transporting holders of a Czech ZTP (persons with a severe health disability) or ZTP/P (persons with a severe health disability and a guide) identity card. In the case of a roadside check, the holder of a ZTP or ZTP/P card must be present in the vehicle, otherwise the vehicle is not exempted. It will suffice to simply present the relevant card during the roadside check. Citizens with such identity cards issued outside the Czech Republic are required to pay for the electronic vignette.
  • Vehicles transporting dependent children being treated for cancer or hemoblastosis. Presentation of health records or other medical certification will be sufficient for roadside checks.
  • Historic vehicles with a special license plate and a historic vehicle license.

Vehicles registered in the Czech Republic exempted after submitting a notice

  • Vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen, or hybrid fuel systems (provided CO2 emissions do not exceed 50 g/km) without a special license plate.
  • Vehicles operated by homes for handicapped individuals provided they serve to transport these individuals.

Vehicles registered abroad exempted after submitting a notice

  • Vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen, or a hybrid fuel system (provided CO2 emissions do not exceed 50 g/km).

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