12 Benefits of the Electronic Motorway Vignette

Implementing electronic motorway vignettes will save the state significant financial resources as the costs of printing, distribution, and the shredding of unsold coupons will be eliminated. The chief benefits for drivers are:

You don’t have to go to multiple service stations or other points of sale to learn whether they have motorway vignettes in stock. Now you can do it simply and easily in the e-shop. There is also the option of buying the electronic motorway vignette in the point-of-sale network, as well as at self-service kiosks.
No more old stickers and saving tear-offs. Just a few clicks and you can hit the road. The new system automatically recognizes a license plate and whether the vignette has been paid for and for how long. This eliminates the necessary removal of old stickers that was often difficult and unpleasant. By contrast, you don’t have to think about the new electronic motorway vignette.
If you like taking care of things in ahead of time, you’ll be happy to know you can purchase the electronic motorway vignette as much as three months in advance. The sliding validity thus allows you to set the date you want it to begin taking effect.
You’ve probably heard of someone whose windshield cracked and they then had to request the issue of a new motorway vignette. That is now a thing of the past. No exchange will be necessary with the implementation of the electronic motorway vignette.
Say you didn’t need to buy the old annual vignette in January, but only in June. You paid tolls for a full year, but you were able to only use it for part. But now, the 1-year vignette has sliding validity so it will be valid for 365 days, regardless of when you purchase it. Furthermore, you can buy it three months in advance.
Don’t worry about remembering the date your electronic motorway vignette will expire. Instead, just submit your contacts when purchasing the electronic motorway vignette, and the system will automatically notify you about its expiration.
Do you manage a corporate fleet, or do you own several vehicles? Just fill in all the necessary information for all the vehicles at once. Then just simply work out the details and pay for all the electronic motorway vignettes in one transaction.
During every purchase, you can check if your electronic motorway vignette is valid or if your vehicle is exempt, as well as proposing an appropriate first day of validity so your new electronic motorway vignette takes over for the old one.
You can buy an electronic motorway vignette as a gift for others in the e-shop, in the point-of-sale network, or at a self-service kiosk. All you need is to enter the license plate and the day the vignette takes effect.
The three types of electronic motorway vignettes will remain the same as in the past. You will pay the same amount as before for a 1-year (CZK 1,500), 30-day (CZK 440) and 10-day (CZK 310) vignette. Vehicles powered by environmentally-friendly fuels receive a discount so the 1-year vignette will cost CZK 1,000, a 30-day vignette will cost CZK 300, and a 10-day vignette will cost CZK 200.
The Czech Police and the Customs Authority will perform checks on toll road sections using cameras located in their patrol cars (static and moving) or on control gates. The cameras will scan the license plates of passing cars, making the whole system more effective. The devices will immediately check the database for the validity of the electronic motorway vignette or whether the vehicle is exempt.
You can use a simple web-based tool if you don’t set up automatic expiration notifications or if you just want to check when it expires. A single click and you know everything you need about your electronic motorway vignette. Just enter the country the car is registered in and the license plate number to immediately learn the beginning and end of your electronic motorway vignette’s validity or whether your vehicle is exempt.

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