About the Electronic Vignette

After 25 years, 2020 is the final year where drivers on Czech motorways will use traditional paper stickers. The State Fund for Transport Infrastructure in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport will launch the electronic vignette system on January 1, 2021.

1 500 CZK
Standard Price
750 CZK
Eco Eco Price
440 CZK
Standard Price
220 CZK
Eco Eco Price
310 CZK
Standard Price
155 CZK
Eco Eco Price


The first possible date of electronic vignettes validity is January 1, 2021.

The validity of purchased electronic vignette can be found in section Manage your purchased vignette.

Due to the protection of your personal data you can access this section only with Authorization code (on your Electronic vignette receipt).

Manage your purchased vignettes

  1. Information about the purchased electronic vignette
  2. Change of the beginning of the validity of the electronic vignette
  3. License plate change before the electronic vignette starts to expire
  4. Notifikace Notification settings

Who Must Purchase an Electronic Vignette?

All vehicles with four wheels and a maximum weight of 3.5 tons have an obligation to purchase an electronic vignette. The obligation does not include towed vehicles and motorcycles, although the list of exempt vehicles will be expanded as of January 1, 2021.

Beginning on January 1, 2020, all cars powered by electricity, hydrogen, or a combination of fuels provided that CO2 emissions do not exceed 50 g / km are exempt.



The Czech Police and Customs Authority will perform checks by scanning license plate numbers to see whether the vehicle has a valid electronic vignette or the vehicle is exempt.
The check will be performed on the toll road using patrol cars equipped with cameras to scan the license plates, by connecting to control gates, or by checking at rest stops and parking lots.


  • A driver found to be on a toll road without a valid electronic vignette (without being exempt) faces a fine of up to CZK 20,000.
  • Controls will also check for abuse of exemptions. If a physical or legal entity submits an exemption announcement without have the right to the exemption, the fine can reach up to CZK 100,000. If a car is eligible for exemption, but the driver didn’t submit a notice despite the law demanding it, the fine can reach up to CZK 5,000. The same fine can be levied on those who do not announce an end to the right to the exemption within 10 days.

How Will the Acquired Data and Images Be Used?
Besides scanning license plates for confirmation of the electronic vignette’s validity, that it doesn’t have a valid electronic vignette, or that the vehicle is exempt, a photo will also be taken of the vehicle. The software will immediately separate the image from the data and only works with the latter, which is sent to the system.
The photos are not used as part of the electronic vignette system. They are only stored for a limited protective period where it can be requested by the Czech police or the Customs Authority for any further processing. After the period ends, the photographs are automatically deleted.

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