Project Details

Why was the electronic motorway vignette project created?

On January 1, 2021 the system for acquiring and using motorway vignettes will become significantly simpler for Czech citizens and drivers from abroad. The electronic motorway vignette can be purchased in an e-shop, at sales points, or at a self-service kiosk and then hit the road.


Who is realizing the project?

In March 2020, the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure signed a contract with state-owned company Cendis, which was tasked with developing, operating, and any future expansion of the complete electronic motorway vignette information system.

The government Commissioner for IT and Digitalization and the Ministry of Transport are also participating on the project. Oversight on the roads will be performed by the Czech Police and the Customs Authority.

The financial proceeds from the sale of electronic motorway vignettes will income for the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure and will be used to develop and maintain transport infrastructure.




Project Architecture

In terms of architecture, the system is very complex, including a portal for users, a registry of exempt vehicles and controls, an e-shop, connections to related systems (distributors, control gates, the public administration information system, etc.) a call centre for drivers, clearing and accounting, and statistics and reporting.

The Project’s Four-Year Financing

The following graph illustrates the break-out and ratios of building, operation, and development costs in individual parts of the project.

Total for four years
CZK 309.1 million
  • CZK 40 million
    Building EDAZ
  • CZK 43.5 million
    Systems integrator
  • CZK 80 million
  • CZK 32 million
    Building checks
  • CZK 105.6 million
    Operating checks
  • CZK 8 milion

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